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Life-Changing Restorative Dentistry in Vero Beach


Your restorative dentist in Vero Beach has one goal in mind when it comes to smile care, and that’s saving or preventing damage to your natural teeth for as long as possible. We do this because while there have been some amazing advancements in restorative dentistry over the years, there’s still nothing better than your natural teeth.

Sometimes, life throws us a curve, and our oral health needs some help from a trusted Vero Beach restorative dentist like Dr. Jonothan Royal. Along with the team at Vero Dental Spa, he can help get your teeth back on track to improved health and even an enhanced new look you’ll love.

What Types of Restorative Dentistry Do You Offer?

We use our variety of restorative services to help patients with:

  • Extensive decay or damaged teeth
  • Painful injuries or trauma
  • Jaw pain and discomfort

Your Vero Beach restorative dentist can use one or more treatments to address your oral health needs and create a healthier, more confident smile.

Dental crowns

We position this custom restoration on top of a damaged tooth giving your bite better function and strength.

Dental bridges

These are specially designed to bridge the gap where your teeth have fallen out and are missing. A bridge helps hold remaining teeth in place and is made up of two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap that becomes an anchor for your false tooth or teeth.


Depending on your case, your Vero Beach restorative dentist might recommend a full or partial denture. Worried about dentures? What you know about “false teeth” is probably just that — false. They are much more comfortable and durable than ever before.

Full mouth reconstruction

As the name suggests, this treatment involves paying attention to each of your teeth on both the upper and lower jaw. Every tooth undergoes some type or restorative care.

Bone grafting and soft tissue augmentation

This gives your dentist the ability to place dental implants and boost your smile’s function and appearance.