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dental implants

No longer do patients have to suffer the functional difficulties of managing gaps in their smile, nor do they need to feel self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth. Dental implants have changed the way in which dentists approach the problem of missing teeth.

Dental implants are an innovative and unique technique that doesn’t only replace the visible part of your missing tooth, but that also has an artificial root. This takes the form of a titanium post or screw and is surgically inserted into the bone of the jaw at a planned location. Once it has been implanted, your jawbone will naturally heal around it to anchor it permanently in place. A special connector is then used to attach a porcelain crown, which is the visible element of the restoration. As you may expect, this crown is bespoke, designed to reflect the size, shape, and color needed to blend with your other teeth and ensuring that your restoration is as discreet as possible.

Advantages of dental implants over other tooth replacement solutions

There are a variety of reasons why dental implants are considered the superior choice for patients looking to replace the gap in their smile with an artificial tooth. Some of these include:

- Dental implants are stronger and more durable than other restorations and their positioning in your jawbone means that they won’t slip and slide around like others do.

- They reinforce your jawbone to keep it strong and healthy.

- Implants look and feel more like natural teeth.

- You can whatever foods you like without being concerned that your artificial tooth might come out.

- They can be brushed and flossed just like the rest of your teeth.

- They are largely stain-resistant.

- Your implants can last for an indeterminate amount of time provided that you care for them correctly. It isn’t unheard of for dental implants to last several decades.

How long does it take to get dental implants?

The length of time your dental implant process will take will depend on the type of implants that you are getting. This is because, in addition to conventional dental implant procedures, there are also a much faster solutions called ‘Teeth Next Day’ and ‘Same Day Teeth’ which can also be used to restore the function and appearance of your smile.

Conventional dental implants

Conventional dental implants take several months to complete and involves several key phases. After the initial consultation, you will first undergo surgery which will place the implant post into your jaw. This (or these if you are having more than one implant) will be left so that the bone can heal around it. This process takes between three and six months. Once the implant has healed in place, your dentist will attach the artificial tooth to it, completing the entire procedure.

Teeth Next Day/Same Day Teeth

As their name suggests, Teeth Next Day means that your smile can be restored in just 48 hours from start to finish, whilst Same Day Teeth can normally be placed and are fully functioning in the space of one day. This is made possible because the implant posts are positioned in such a way that they can bear load immediately after placement, and your customized artificial tooth is milled directly on site while you wait. Whilst this is unsurprisingly more convenient, these solutions are not suitable for every patient and come with a price premium.

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