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Dental Implant Overview

In the last 25 years, dental implants have drastically changed the way in which dentists are able to treat missing teeth. Unsightly gaps can now be filled by ultra-strong, natural looking teeth, helping to create wonderful smiles and lift the confidence of the wearer. Implants are actually replacements for the root section of the tooth and are screwed into the bone where they fuse, securing a sturdy framework for the crown. Created from titanium, they are both extremely light and durable, and if cared for properly, could last a lifetime.

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dental implant

Anatomy of a Dental Implant

If you have been considering dental implants to replace your missing teeth but need more research before you pursue your dream smile, look no further than this page dedicated entirely to the anatomy of a dental implant. Here, you will learn all about the different parts that make up a dental implant and how they work to bring you that permanent, low maintenance smile that you’ve been reading and hearing about. Dental implants not only restore beauty to your smile, they can also improve your overall oral and physical health by preventing decay and disease. Read along to learn all about the dental implant and how it works to bring your pearly whites back into the spotlight!

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Benefits and Risks of Dental Implants

The placement of dental implants is a complex surgical procedure that requires extensive training and experience to master. Throughout his career, Dr. Ajmo has been refining his approach to the art and science of implant dentistry, and has earned a reputation as a true innovator in the field, holding internationally recognized credentials in dental implant surgery and restoration. Using only state-of-the-art techniques and technologies, Dr. Ajmo is able to customize each dental implant procedure to the exact needs and goals of his patients, giving them the most durable, stable, and lifelike replacements for missing teeth.

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benefits of dental implants
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Dental Implant vs. Dentures

Many people say that one of the first things that they notice about someone is their smile. A great set of teeth can make a great first impression, give their owner confidence and support them in social or business situations. However, people who have missing teeth often feel embarrassed and uncomfortable about showing their teeth, and instead hide their smile away. Indeed, missing teeth can be a real confidence drainer. Thankfully, there are now dental treatments available that mean you don’t have to live with the effects of missing teeth.

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Dental Implants FAQ

It has been found that between 9% and 15% of Americans (roughly 30-40 million people) avoid seeing the dentist because of fear and anxiety. Many of these fears people have about the dentist are not actually true, however it is because these people have many misconceptions about certain procedures that they refuse to go. Dental Implant procedures have been found to be one of the most efficient and effective methods to giving people their perfect smile. Here at Vero Dental Spa, we want to give everybody that perfect smile and clear up some of the many misconceptions people have about dental procedures and dental implants.

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