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Crowns are an extremely common dental solution to damaged or unsightly teeth. They are essentially a tooth-shaped ‘hat’ that is placed over the problem tooth, covering it completely and encasing the entire visible portion of the tooth right down to the gum line. Crowns are the perfect way to restore the appearance, shape, size and strength of a tooth.

Crowns can be made from a number of different materials, but porcelain crowns are becoming increasingly popular. This is because they can be color-matched to the surrounding teeth, meaning they are extremely discreet and improve the overall appearance of your smile.

Dental Crown Procedure

If your doctor has recommended a dental crown procedure, then you can expect to make two visits to Vero Dental Spa.

First Visit

Your first visit will involve three steps.

Preparing the tooth

In order to fit the crown successfully, the original tooth needs to be prepared. All crowns need to have a certain amount of thickness to them. This ensures that they are strong enough to withstand daily use, and particularly in the case of porcelain crowns, to create a natural-looking translucency.

The minimal thickness required is around 2mm, which means that your original tooth will need to be reduced on all sides by at least this much in order for there to be enough space for the crown to fit. It also needs to be a certain shape so that it can support the crown properly. As well as filing your tooth down (or building it up if there is not enough natural tooth to support the crown), your dentist will also ensure that any decay is removed so that the remaining portion is as healthy as possible before the crown is cemented in place.

Taking an impression and color-match

Once the tooth is filed into the correct size and shape, your doctor will take an impression of your mouth and the space where your crown will fit. This will ensure that the crown created is the right size and shape to fit in your mouth and look natural.

Your dentist will also perform a color-match against the rest of your teeth to ensure that your new porcelain crown will be virtually impossible to identify.

Temporary crown

It could take a week or so for your final crown to be created and so in the meantime, your dentist will fit you with a temporary version. This will help protect your tooth and prevent it from shifting position. Your temporary crown will usually be made out of plastic or metal.

While you are wearing a temporary crown you will need to take certain precautions as it will only be fixed with a semi-permanent cement. This means you will need to take extra care when eating and brushing/flossing your teeth. You should avoid chewy, hard or sticky foods as these could potentially pull your temporary crown out completely.

Second Visit

Between one and two weeks later, your permanent crown should be ready to be fitted.

Removing the temporary crown

The temporary crown is usually very simple and painless to remove, but your doctor may offer you some anesthetic. Once the crown has been removed he may just need to clean off any of the fixing cement that may have been left behind.

Checking the new crown

Before your doctor even thinks about cementing your new crown in place he will need to check that it fits properly and that you are happy with its appearance and color.

Cementing into place

Once you and your doctor are completely happy with the fit and appearance of your new crown it is time to get it cemented in place. Once this happens it is extremely difficult to remove it, so you should make sure you are 100% satisfied before you proceed to this stage.

Your doctor will seal the crowns position with a permanent cement, scraping away any excess and leaving you with a virtually imperceptible new tooth!

Looking after your new crown

Although your new crown will be cemented in place before you leave your Vero Dental Spa, you will probably be recommended to avoid hard, chewy or sticky food for at least 48 hours after the procedure in order to give your crown adequate time to set firmly and unmovably in place!

Once your crown is fully set in place you will be able to follow your oral health regime as normal.

How long can I expect my crown to last?

The life of your crown will vary depending on a number of factors including the amount of wear and tear the tooth is exposed to, and how well you look after your crown and surrounding teeth. However, you can typically expect your new crown to last between 5 and 15 years.

How much can I expect my porcelain crown to cost?

If a porcelain crown is not covered by your dental insurance, you can expect to pay between $700 and $1500 per crown*

*for porcelain fused to metal crowns. Other varieties may incur additional costs.


before and after using porcelain crowns




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